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Manufacturer Co-op Program Management

This includes approvals, filing claims and funds report. Many times co-op claims have not been submitted properly or on time resulting in lost funds. Clients have found this service to be invaluable.

Management of Advertising & Marketing Vendors

Dealership management can waste valuable selling time while meeting with sales representatives.  


We handle all communications with sales representatives. Simply take two minutes to direct them to Missam.  All proposals will be reviewed and negotiated. A formal recommendation will be submitted to management if an opportunity aligns with dealership goals and strategy.   


In addition, we manage all advertising/marketing vendors currently utilized by the dealership.  This would include digital media and internet partners.

Planning & Placement of Traditional & Digital Media

After review and negotiation of proposals, a plan will then be presented to management for review.  


Upon approval, Missam will place the media.  Missam is a recognized media firm which means a 15% commission from traditional media vendors.  This commission is returned giving

the dealership 115% efficiency on every one dollar spent.

Market Research

Research such as extensive sales analysis reports are structured to find sales opportunites and to maximize marketing/advertising effectiveness and efficiency.

Marketing Coordination Across Departments

Buyers research dealerships through multiple channels and these channels must be coordinated.  It is imperative that the dealership message is consistent across all departments.

Grass Roots Marketing

Missam will guide your dealership in areas to invest in the local community.  A very cost efficient way to market your dealership to a specific audience while building a public relations image.

Invoice Auditing 

All marketing and advertising related invoices will be reviewed each month for discrepencies.  Appropriate action will be taken to resolve the discrepancies before payment of the invoice.

Internet Public Relations

Many sites host dealership reviews.  These sites are monitored on a regular basis to control the message and correct any negative comments.  Most people search online and any negative image must be corrected to make sure online customers get a true and fair representation of the dealership.

Vendor Recruitment

Missam has relationships with an extensive network of marketing & advertising professionals.  If the occasion arises that the dealership needs to seek out a vendor, we can assist with interviewing and recommending qualified firms or individuals thus saving management time.


This would include any advertising/marketing vendors such as digital media, direct mail, production, writing, public relations and others.

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