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How Much is Advertising and Marketing REALLY Costing your Dealership

Many owners do not realize how much time and money is spent on advertising and marketing activities.  You may be spending much more than you realized.

Save Dealership advertising and marketing money


Meetings with Advertising & Marketing Vendors                                      
            Avg 6 Hrs/wk  @ $167/hr = $1,000/wk

     Based on a manager salary of $10K /mo    60 hrs/wk                                                                    



Missed TO's


Marketing & Advertising Activity and Meetings are a distraction for managers which result in profitability.  


(2) missed TOs/wk @ $4,000 each = $ 8,000 / Wk                                  



15% Reduction in Traditional Media Expenditure

                    All commission returned to client.                    


Based on a budget of $25,000 less 15% each month                                 



Administration Time for Co-op & Invoices                                               

                Avg 15 hrs/mo @ $25/hr                                                                        

                       $ 375/mo

One Month Management Expenditure:  $ 47,025

This total does NOT include actual monthly traditional & digital ad and marketing expenses.


A monthly advertising/marketing schedule of $ 25,000 and $47,000 in management cost can cost a dealership $72,000 /mo  or $ 864,000 per year.


        Advertising Agency Fees 


Avg of $ 4,000/mo for example

               Invoice Errors and Discrepancies


Range from $1000/yr to upwards of $10,000/yr +  


                    Avg of $ 400/mo for example

                        Denied Co-op Claims


Missing just one claim or failure to submit proper documentation can cost a dealership thousands

in additional marketing & advertising funds.


One month of missed co-op from $2000 to $10,000.


                 Avg of $ 2,500/mo for example


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